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Wellness Compass

The intention for my clients, is to recover a sense of purpose, exuberance for life, appreciation of their bodies and a curiosity about conscious expansion.

Based on the principle of the Ancient Medicine Wheel, the Wellness Compass illustrates each facet of your being that has to be developed in order for you to return to optimum health. During our sessions we will focus on four areas:


Focus: Strength, Energy, Flexibility, Sensuality

A healthy mind cannot exist within an unhealthy body.

Exercise and personalised nutrition are the foundation for healing.

Focus: Clarity, Curiosity, Creativity

A clear mind is immensely powerful when directed with focused intent.

We use psychological therapies to resolve trauma and develop insight into emotional blocks and crystallised beliefs.

Coaching and visualisation build self-reliance and enhance motivation.

Focus: Passion, Connection, Flow, Serenity

Living from the Heart brings richness and fulfilment to existence

We learn to use our emotions as the barometer to our internal worlds.

Abundant research now proves that mindfulness based practices can: reduce stress, help anxiety disorders, enhance memory, and improve physical health.

Focus: Presence, Authenticity, Purpose, Joy

Identifying a source of inspiration that is bigger than you

Together we can identity your inspirations and what brings you fulfilment.

Almost everyone suffering from a mental health condition will ask at some point “What does it all mean?” Perhaps mental illness is the psyche’s attempt to address matters of the soul. . You will learn to see your illness as a messenger and opportunity for growth.